Testing / TV inspection

TV inspection, leak testing

Investigation of the highest quality

TV inspection, leak testing of water and effluent pipe systems and shafts

Application area

We are capable of realising sewer inspections of all types (up to 500 m at a time) with pipe diameters of DN 100-DN 1200. In addition to standard cameras, we also have a new system employing SAT technology with which house service connections can be negotiated from branch lines (range approx.150 m).

Replacement formats

  • ISYBAU   96 TYP H, LH, K, LK, S
  • ISYBAU   2001 Typ H, LH, S
  • ISYBAU   91 H, S
  • ISYBAU   96 H, LH, S, KH, KS, LK
  • ISYBAU   2001 H, LH, S
  • DIN EN13508-2 coding system supplemented with DWA M149-2 in ISYBAU data exchange format
  • ISYBAU96/01 rules adaptable (reference code system)
  • Import master data with XML conformity assessment

Leak testing

We inspect your pipe system in accordance with ÖNORM W101, EN 805 and B 2538. Pressure testing is conducted with an electronic pressure measurement device. Automatic assessment of the measurement is realised directly on site. Leak testing is conducted on the basis of an integrated sequence control system in compliance with the specifications of respective valid standards (applies to both air and water pressure testing). All parameters relevant to the process, such as pressure and temperature, are completely electronically recorded, documented and evaluated. Data is stored on the PC and a pressure testing report compiled.

Procedure description

Professional pressure testing and TV inspection are indispensable for checking a correct pipe layout. Our state-of-the-art inspection systems enable us to examine our clients’ pipe systems with the greatest of precision, while simultaneously appraising and documenting them in accordance with pertinent standards, directives, regulations and recommendations (ÖWAV, ATV, ISYBAU, …). Naturally enough, we also offer a subsequent analog and digital data exchange of reports, data, videos and photos. Our application areas encompass the following:

  • Inspections of new and old systems
  • Provision of information for a rehabilitation concept
  • Provision of data for pipe network registers
  • Compilation of rehabilitation concepts
  • Rehabilitation of all types of pipe systems

We can also provide the following services:

  • Deformation measurement
  • 3-D plan printing
  • Inclination measurement
  • TV inspections

Our new system can also be used everywhere in hazardous areas, as all cameras are explosion protected.


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