Tubular liner rehabilitation

Speedy, smooth and cost-effective

Tubular lining represents the optimum trenchless sewer rehabilitation process wherever complete sewer pipelines need to be renovated and the existing hydraulic capacity in the sewer must be retained in as far as possible. Tubular lining protects the environment, structural soundness and adjacent residents, not to mention being easy on your budget.

Light plus glass: the advantages

We have employed UV-cured, synthetic resin-impregnated glass fibre tubes for many years. This tried and tested combination of material and method offers decisive advantages:

  • Reduced construction periods enable project handling when the available time window is limited
  • Maximum process reliability through continuous monitoring of the process parameters during installation and curing
  • Minimum site equipment ensures unimpeded installation in congested areas or production facilities
  • Uncompromising environmental compatibility, low energy and no water consumption
  • The rehabilitated sewer is operational again in the shortest possible time, as connections can be opened without delay
  • Extremely resilient liner with no inner membrane conforming to DWA M 127 Part 2
  • Minimal reduction in cross section and reliable impermeability and structural integrity
  • A chemically resistant, abrasion-proof liner of the highest quality ensuring a long service life
  • Complete quality management during the manufacture and installation process

The glass fibre light-cured liner is of high quality in every respect and received excellent press once again in the Liner Report 2010 issued by the IKT Institute for Underground Infrastructure, Gelsenkirchen.

Glass on every front: the area of application

The liner systems we employ are chosen and designed to meet requirements in each particular case, ensuring that they offer an individual and reliable answer to your problems rather than an ‘off the peg’ solution:

  • Suitable for practically every kind of damage occurring in sewage systems
  • Oval and circular sections up to 200 metres in length
  • Installation of appropriate oval section sizes ranging from DN 150 to DN 1600
  • Installation in pipes made of all materials
  • Installation is also possible where rising groundwater is present
  • Suitable for domestic and industrial effluent, thanks to optimised resin variants: unsaturated polyester resin (UP) or vinyl ester resin (VE)
  • Different wall thicknesses and tube structures in compliance with structural requirements
Catchment of the liner 
Catchment of the liner
Placing the liner + UV-light curing 
Placing the liner + UV-light curing
GRP liner reconstructed egg-shaped, reconstructed circular profile 
GRP liner reconstructed egg-shaped, reconstructed circular profile

Assurance through quality: the outcome of rehabilitation

In addition to important installation advantages and a broad range of application areas, our liners primarily provide you with one important benefit – rehabilitation results on which you and the environment can rely for decades to come:

  • Extremely resilient liner with no inner membrane conforming to DWA M 127 Part 2
  • Minimal reduction in cross section, thanks to a low wall thickness, reliable impermeability and outstanding stability
  • A chemically resistant, abrasion-proof liner of the highest quality ensuring a long service life

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